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2022-2023 Contracts

CS-22-001 Aetna Life Insurance Company Aetna HRA Agreement CM3216.pdf

CS-22-002 Amendment No. 03 To the Interlocal Agreement For Ocean Rescue Services CM1721-A3.pdf

CS-22-003 Omar Smith P.E VP Inward Gradient Measurement For West Nassau Landfill CM2685.pdf

CS-22-004 Omar Smith P.E V.P Misc On-Call Services for Solid Waste CM2685.pdf

CS-22-005 Omar Smith P.E V.P FDEP Semi-Annual Water Quality Monitoring Services for the West Nassau and Lofton Creek Closed Landfills CM2685.pdf

CS-22-006 Omar Smith P.E V.P Operation, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Reporting for the Landfill Gas Collection and Control System at the West Nassau Class I Landfill.pdf

CS-22-007 Olsen Associates Inc CM1852.pdf

CS-22-008 Gallagher Broker Risk Management Services Agreement CM3066-A1.pdf

CS-22-009 Local Union #3101 International CM3231.pdf

CS-22-010 True North Emergency Management LLC Debris Monitoring CM2593-A2.pdf

CS-22-011 Rostan Solutions LLC Debris Monitoring CM2591-A2.pdf

CS-22-012 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.pdf

CS-22-013 S2Li Preparation of Updates to Nassau County's Solid Waste Ordinance CM2685.pdf

CS-22-014 S2Li Preparation of Solid Waste Management Plan for Nassau County CM2685.pdf

CS-22-015 Witt O'Brien's LLC Debris Monitoring CM2595-A2.pdf

CS-22-016 Patriot Response Group LLC Debris Monitoring CM2596-A2.pdf

CS-22-017 State Aid to Libraries Grant.pdf

CS-22-018 Total Leachate Management West Nassau Landfill.pdf

CS-22-019 Alternate Special Magistrate Services.pdf

CS-22-020 NAU Amelia Island Booster Pump Station Replacement.pdf

CS-22-021 Mitigation Credit Purchase Agreement CM3239.pdf

CS-22-022 Tetra Tech INC Debris Management CM2592-A2.pdf

CS-22-023 Geo One Tech LLC Mobility Fee Calculater Update and Launch CM2927.pdf

CS-22-024 Municipal Equipment Company Piggyback Agreement CM3236.pdf

CS-22-025 Liberty Partners of Tallahasse CM3238.pdf

CS-22-026 Dow Peters Simmons Road Drainage Improvements CM2287-WA21.pdf

CS-22-027 Fernandina DOJO, LLC.pdf

CS-22-028 North America Fire Equipment CO. Inc CM3235.pdf

CS-22-029 Chamber Music Festival Sponsorship Agreement CM3254.pdf

CS-22-030 ACAB Enterprise Inc DBA Jax Stage Lighting Services CM3255.pdf

CS-22-031 Longleaf Mitigation Developement CM3231.pdf

CS-22-032 Aniaml Art Design Studios Inc Contract for Professional Services CM3259.pdf

CS-22-033 AVL Productions Inc Production Stage Services for Dickens On Centre CM3261.pdf

CS-22-034 Ellens Marketplace Contract FY23 CM3267.pdf

CS-22-035 We Decorate, LLC. CM3242 ML.pdf

CS-22-036 Sky ELements LLC CM3251.pdf

CS-22-037 The Balmoral Group LLC CM3223.pdf

CS-22-038 Piggyback Agreement Ambulances and Other Equipment CM3253.pdf

CS-22-039 All About Events Jacksonville LLC CM3260.pdf

CS-22-040 Michael Holcomb PE Engineering Design of Roundabout at Amelia Island Pkwy & Buccaneer Trail CM2499-A2.pdf

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