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1985-86 Contracts

Amelia Island Waterworks, Inc. - Revenue Bonds 1985.pdf

Architects Design Group of Florida - Spatial Needs Study 1985.pdf

Branan, Thomas D. - Emergency Services Training 1985.pdf

Coastal Telphone Systems - Building and Zoning Depts 1985.pdf

David W. Beer Architect-Desgn MultiUse Facility 1985.pdf

David W. Beer Architect.-MultiUse Facility Design 1985.pdf

Dept. of Community Affairs - EPA Grant 1985.pdf

Dept. of Health & Rehab Serv.-Child Support Div. 1985.pdf

Dept. of Health & Rehab Services-Cnty Public Health Dept 1985.pdf

Dept. of Health & Rehabilitative Services - CPHU County Public Health 1985.pdf

Dept. of Health & Rehabilitative Services- CPHU County Public Health 1985.pdf

Dept. of Natural Resources- project sponser 1985.pdf

Dept. of Natural Resources-FL Rec Dev. Asst. 1985.pdf

Dunes Club.Amelia Island Plantation Co. PLM Agmt 1985.pdf

Emergency One, Inc. - Fire Apparatus 1985.pdf

Enviro-Systems Control, Inc. - Water Testing - Oneal building 1985.pdf

FDOT Fla Dept of Trans RR Crossing No. 620804A-YuleeCR200 - 1985.pdf

Federal Signal Credit Corp - Lease Aerial Ladder Emergency One - 1985.pdf

Hansen Lind Meyer - Electrical Change Order - Jail - 1985.pdf

Health & Rehabiliative Services-Lease Space Courthouse 1985.pdf

Hilliard, Town of (Animal Control) 1985.pdf

ITT Rayonier, Inc. - Landfill Property 1985.pdf

JKR Associates, Inc. -Coastal Telephone Equip Lease 1985.pdf

Morris, Rhonda R. - Cnty Loan for Dental Surgery 1985.pdf

Nassau Sanitation Service, Inc. - Refuse Containers Fire Station 2 & Rescue 1985.pdf

Nassau Soil & Water Conservation.UofF.Dept of Ag - Soil Survey 1985.pdf

Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council - Comp Plan Activities 1985.pdf

PLM Associates Ltd - Prop Share Agmt Fire Pumper Amelia Island South 1985.pdf

Padden & Company - Building Dept Phone Lease 1985.pdf

Shuman, Brenda - Custodian Yulee County Building 1985.pdf

Valero, Mrs. Ernie - Surving Spouse Veterans Service Officer - 1985.pdf

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