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1984-85 Contracts

Amelia Island Company - Beach Access Land 1984.pdf

Amelia Island Fernandina Beach Chamber of Commerce - funding - 1984.pdf

Amelia Island Fire Dept, - Equipment Lease 1984.pdf

Amelia Island Volunteer Fire Dept.- Fire Service 1984.pdf

Bishop, Theresa & Kings Bay Impact Coord. Comm. Cartegraphic Consultants 1984.pdf

Bryceville Volunteer Fire Department - .Rescue Services 1984.pdf

Bryceville Volunteer Fire Dept .Fire Protection Dist 6 - 1984.pdf

Bryceville Volunteer Fire Dept Division of Forestry - Equipment Lease 1984.pdf

Callahan, Town of (Fire Protection) - District 5 1984.pdf

Callahan, Town of - gas tax - Interlocal agreement 1984.pdf

Citizens and Southern National Bank-Lease Payoff Catepiller 1984.pdf

Civil Defense & Public Safety-Tom Branner - Rescue Trainer 1984.pdf

Council on Aging - Annual Funding 1984.pdf

Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services - Health Dept. 1984.pdf

Dept. of Health & Rehab Serv-Child Support Unit 1984.pdf

Division of Emergency Management - Emergency Mgmt Services 1984.pdf

E.C.I. Properties, Inc. - Bond Letter Shopping Center 1984.pdf

FDOT Fla Dept of Trans - RR Crossing No. 620728J Tracy Road 1984.pdf

FDOT Fla Dept of Trans - RR Crossing No. 620738P Dyal Road 1984.pdf

FDOT Fla Dept of Trans - RR Crossing No. 620812S-Clinch Road.pdf

FDOT Fla Dept of Trans - RR Crossing No. 620814F-Geiger Road 1984.pdf

FDOT- Fla Dept of Trans Traffic Signal Agmt A1A @ Amelia Parkway 1984.pdf

Gray Gables,Nassauvillage Vol. Fire Dept. - Fire Services 1984.pdf

Hilliard, Town of (Fire Dept) - Fire Services 1984.pdf

Hilliard, Town of (Rescue Dept.) 1984.pdf

Hilliard, Town of (gas tax) 1984.pdf

Jones, Claudette - Custodial Services Hilliard Library Building 1984.pdf

Langton Associates, Inc,- Grant Consultant 1984.pdf

Nassau Concrete Products, Inc. - Bond Inducement Letter 1984.pdf

Nassau Soil & Water.UF.US Dept of AG - Soil Survey 1984.pdf

Nassauville Volunteer Fire Department - Fire Services 1984.pdf

Nelson, Ruby - Custodial Serv Callahan County Building 1984.pdf

Northeast Florida Regional Planning Council - MOU 1984.pdf

Oliver, Annie Mae - Custodial Services ONeal Cnty Bldg 1984.pdf

Pilot Equipment Co., Inc. - Equipment Lease Road Dept 1984.pdf

Theresa Bishop.Kings Bay Impact. BOCC - Cartegraphic Services 1984.pdf

Thompson, Jane - Custodial Services - Hilliard Library 1984.pdf

West Nassau Chamber of Commerce - Promote West Nassau 1984.pdf

White Historical Restorations, White, Thomas - HCH Restorations 1984.pdf

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