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2017-2018 Contracts

CS-17-71 Nassau County Council on Aging, Inc., Funding Agmt Fiscal Year 2017-2018 CM2480.pdf

CS-17-72 Nassau County Mental Health, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse Council, Inc., Funding CM2488.pdf

CS-17-73 Rollins Snelling Beach Services, LLC., Amend 1, 1st Ext Beach Cleaning CM2398-A1.pdf

CS-17-74 Motorola Solutions- Local Radio Combo Package CM2319-A1.pdf

CS-17-75 DOJ -Sheriff's Office, Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification OMB1123-0011.pdf

CS-17-76 FDOT Fla Dept of Transportation Small County Road Assistance Program CM2296.pdf

CS-17-77 Synovia Solutions -Rental GPS Vehicle Track - CM2498.pdf

CS-17-78 Episcopal Children's Services, Inc. - Annual Funding CM2482.pdf

CS-17-79 GAI Consultants-Prof Eng NAU - WA 2 - CM2452-WA02.pdf

CS-17-80 Government Services Group, Inc. Admin Amelia Concourse CM2501.pdf

CS-17-81 Youmans, Sharon E - Bryce Custodial Service CM2280-A2.pdf

CS-17-82 SGS Contracting Services, Inc.-NAU WWTF Headworks Rehab CM2348-CO7.pdf

CS-17-83 LaRoche, Laura, Custodial Agreement for Yulee County Building CM2388-A1.pdf

CS-17-84 LaRoche, Laura, Custodial Agmt Hilliard County Building CM1523-A8.pdf

CS-17-85, S2L, Inc., Prof Services for Solid Waste Landfill - CM2096-WA23.pdf

CS-17-86 Thomson Reuters - Westlaw Law Library CM2503.pdf

CS-17-87 Yulee Volunteer Fire Dept - Reserves & Support Program - CM2345-A1.pdf

CS-17-88 Nassau Co Soil and Water Conservation District-Annual Funding CM2481.pdf

CS-17-89 US Department of the Interior, Funding Water Resource Invest. CM2502.pdf

CS-17-90 Beard Equipment Co, Inc.- Equip Renta Road Dept CM2250-A2.pdf

CS-17-91 Florida Public Utilities Co. Natural Gas Renewal Facilities Main. CM1861-AR2.pdf

CS-17-92 Syn-Tech Systems Inc. - Fuel Management Road Dept - CM2187-AR3.pdf

CS-17-93 FPL, Specs for Precast Transformer Location.pdf

CS-17-94 681 St. Clair, LLC.pdf

CS-17-95 Cedar Crossing Enterprises Inc..pdf

CS-17-96 Micah's Place.pdf

CS-17-97 Boys and Girls Club of Nassau County.pdf

CS-17-98 Jacksonville Area legal Aid, Inc..pdf

CS-17-99 Nassau County Economic Development Board, Inc..pdf

CS17-277 Synovia Solutions, LLC.pdf

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