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2017-2018 Contracts

CS-17-164 Unifirst Corporation.pdf

CS-17-165 Civil Services, Inc..pdf

CS-17-166 Civil Services, Inc..pdf

CS-17-167 School Board of Nassau County.pdf

CS-17-168 Preferred Materials, Inc..pdf

CS-17-169 Kudzue 3 Trucking.pdf

CS-17-17 Water Recovery - Total Leachate Mgmt Solid Waster - CM2445.pdf

CS-17-170 Northeast Florida Regional Council.pdf

CS-17-171 Florida Department of Transporation.pdf

CS-17-172 Yulee Athletic Association.pdf

CS-17-173 Hilliard Little League.pdf

CS-17-174 Callahan Little League.pdf

CS-17-175 Hilliard Youth Football.pdf

CS-17-176 Bryceville Sports Association.pdf

CS-17-177 Yulee Basketball.pdf

CS-17-178 Yulee Little League.pdf

CS-17-179 Callahan Athletic Association.pdf

CS-17-18 Olsen Associates - SAISSA Bch Restoration Amend 1 Tast Order 25 - CM1852-A1-TO25.pdf

CS-17-180 WSP USA, Inc..pdf

CS-17-181 Tim All Lawn Service CM2130-A2 Amelia Concourse.pdf

CS-17-182 Evelyn Jones.pdf

CS-17-183 Peters & Yaffee CM2287-WA01 S. 14th St. Resrufacing Cross Drain.pdf

CS-17-184 Northeast Florida Public Employees' Local 630.pdf

CS-17-185 Olsen Associates, Inc..pdf

CS-17-186 CopyFax.pdf

CS-17-187 GAI Consultants.pdf

CS-17-188 Ricoh USA, Inc. CopyFax.pdf

CS-17-189 EltonAlan, Inc..pdf

CS-17-19 S2L Inc - Landfill Gas Collection Project Short Title - CM2096-WA22.pdf

CS-17-190 EltonAlan, Inc..pdf

CS-17-191 S2L, Inc..pdf

CS-17-192 Olsen Associates, Inc..pdf

CS-17-193 Olsen Associates, Inc..pdf

CS-17-194 WSP USA, Inc..pdf

CS-17-195 Bound Tree Medical, LLC..pdf

CS-17-196 Emergency Medical Products.pdf

CS-17-197 Medline Industries, Inc..pdf

CS-17-198 Midwest Medical Supply Co., Inc..pdf

CS-17-199 Nashville Medical & EMS Products, Inc..pdf

CS-17-20 Hayworth Creative - Amend 1 1st Ext Public Relations AI & TDC - CM1876-A1.pdf

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